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Continued Social Distancing

Hi folks. Spending the quiet time to deal with some health issues, and self-care things. However, even though the page has not been live a full year, I am planning on some major updates as I work on picking back up the business reins as it were.

Hopefully everyone is staying safe out there, don’t forget to wear your masks.

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And we’re live (I think)

We have pictures, some new designs in the jewelry department, a new felted art section, and it looks like we’re set up, finally, after only like 6 months (really, its been that long?). Next is adding a section for works in progress, and a link to our Tee Public store. I’ll probably actually be putting this out there tomorrow, because I want to do a ‘final’ walk through, as it were, and not -right- after doing the last bits – less chance I’ll miss a mistake.

We will be at Coast Con in Biloxi this weekend (March 6th-8th), so if you are in the area, come on by and say hello. I’ll have more information once I find it.