FoxScales was founded by a crafty geek woman with a fondness for dragons, foxes and making things. Using a love of things that sparkle and things that are soft, combined with a background in sculpture and decades of experience taking raw materials and turning them into something lovely and even occasionally useful, FoxScales was born.

All FoxScales pieces are made to order. Everything is made by hand, and new designs are tested for normal wear and tear, when its applicable. Because of the former (everything crafted to order), allow a week or three between ordering and shipping. This extra time not only included the actual time to send you the item, but also time to make it, and if necessary, to order the supplies needed, if we do not have them at hand.

The artist behind Foxscales is happily married to her emotional support human, lives with a snake, 5 [currently] cats and one small, slightly confused dog, and keeps eyeing an ever growing stack of books she needs to read. She also currently lives in NW Florida, pining for Europe, where she was born when her dad was stationed there.

FoxScales is primarily found at assorted geek conventions in the southeast US, as well as right here.